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A cookie is a file containing an identifier (a string of letters and numbers) that is sent by a web server to a web browser and is stored by the browser.

Cookies usually store your settings or website settings like the preferred language or address. Later, after you open the same website, the browser sends out cookies which belong to the website. That enables the website to show information adjusted to your needs.

Cookies may store a wide range of information such as your personal identification information (like your name, house address, e-mail address or phone number). That information can be stored only if you enable them. Websites cannot gain access to information you didn't provide and they cannot access other files on your computer.

Activities of storing and sending out cookies are not visible to you.

Every internet browser enables you to change the way a cookie is used (approval, denial, time and manner of deletion etc.)


Session cookies

Session cookies are removed from your computer after you close the internet browser.

Temporary data, e.g. basket items in web-shops, are stored with session cookies.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies stay on your computer after the internet browser is closed.

Data such as user name and password are stored using persistent cookies, so that you don't need to login each time you visit a certain section of the website. Persistent cookies can stay on your computer for days, months, even years.

First party cookies

First party cookies come from the website you browse, and they can be session or persistent cookies.

With those cookies, a website can store data to reuse during your next visit.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies come from other websites, e.g. banner commercials on the website you're browsing.

Websites can track your internet usage for marketing purposes by using these cookies.


You can find instructions to disable cookies in your internet browser by visiting the support website for your chosen internet browser, e.g. for Google Chrome:


Yes, to work properly and give you a better user experience.

WHAT KIND OF COOKIES DOES USE AND WHY? uses persistent and session cookies due to content access, logging on to the system and full website functionality.

DOES THE WEBSITE CONTAIN THIRD PARTY COOKIES? uses Google Analytics for visitor tracking. If you want to disable cookie storing by Google Analytics, you can do it on the following link:


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